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Not that funny, but still good...

The problem is, there isn't any build up. If I didn't read the comments I wouldn't have known that Mr. Information is a know-it-all. So it seemed just like some guy smashing a child's truck (which it actually still is.) In just 5 or so seconds, you could see an other kid leaving after getting a really smart answer, IMHO that would increase the joke.

Besides that, the animation and the style you used were of great quality, I don't have anything to note on that :)

Keep on making stuff ^^

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Billy-Chops responds:

Honestly I definitely dig the advice, this project had a ridiculous deadline and was gonna have more but I had to scrap a lot so I would get a decent grade. I could have added a ton more but if it wasn't finished, I'd fail. It's pretty lame but I plan on doing a real cartoon with these characters on my own time. Thanks!!!


Tough badly drawn, the aniamtion is pretty good in my opinion. It was hilarious to watch for some reason (in a postive way). Good job ^^

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CoadyBrosProductions responds:

thanks! I don't think my animation is that bad, though...=(

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Though the concept was really unique and refreshing, it became clear very early (in level 3 for me) that it doesn't really work. At some point the game became just ramming the down key in the hope that it works, and it didn't, so I died. It became a game of luck rather than a game of skill, which doesn't work.

However, it is great that you pushed the boundaries of game design this way, and even though it didn't really work out (at least in my eyes) I highly encourage you to keep doing so, because something truly unique and awesome is just waiting to be found!

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Nice game

I like the style of this game, for some reason I had the idea of a game where you needed to get fat and skinny, but more in an fighting-action-game way ^^. The music could be slightly better in my opinion. Good job :)

Instant favorite

In my opinion, this is REAL frontpage material. I love the graphics, the concept, the "How the heck do I solve this" feeling I sometimes get. Just try to get rid of the bugs the guy below me told you ( I was just gonna note them ;3 )

Keep the good work up.

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doobLab responds:

Thanks, Vadinci! I hope NG agrees with you ;)

I'm a Game Technology student. I'm interested in games that "make" themselves. (think random events created by the game, procedural level generation). Also have a hunger for being a good animator. 2D > 3D

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